Since working with Rebekah, I have been able to own and care for my intuitive gifts. The session took place right before I started grad school for social work, and I really feel like she helped me to clarify things that I needed to know in order to do my best in school. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to work with Rebekah and will definitely be getting another session with her in the future! She is intuitive, grounded, and wise and I gained so much.
— Brandy Walker
Because I have worked with other astrologers, I knew what to expect. But Rebekah just blew my mind. She was able to help me with a couple key components I’d not been able to see before. She gave me beautiful insights on how to help release an ancestral bondage.
— Marcy Sullivan
I came across Rebekah by way of recommendation from a dear friend. I could sense big shifts on the horizon in my life, at the same time, I knew I had some big blocks as well, and I was ready for intuitive and spiritual feedback. My experience of the intuitive reading was one of incredible resonance, sometimes at levels I wasn’t consciously aware of. Rebekah works with the utmost gentleness and professionalism. During the reading, Rebekah advised that energetic shifts could take place and settle within 2-3 months after the reading. I’ll have you know, just a few days after the reading, the first time I returned to work—a source of deep frustration and discontent in my life, I felt a palpable sense of possibility that I had never fully embodied before. “I really can leave this job, that is a real option. I really can move into a future that I long for.” One of the phrases Rebekah brought out for me was “Divine Darkness” and its link to intuition. This is such a powerful phrase, one that I am still working with every day now, a few months later. The personalized framing based on the many auric layers they were couched in sent the phrase echoing through me. The framing gives me so much courage to make the changes I need in my life, even when I’m not sure what the whole path looks like, trusting that illumination will come at the right moment.

Seeing a shift in me, several friends asked me what made the difference, and I sent them to Rebekah. This was my first psychic/aura reading and healing of any kind. If you’re considering working with Rebekah, I highly recommend it.

Curiously, not long after I had the Monday epiphany, a coworker told me, “You know, you’re dressing really great lately, looking like you just don’t care.” “Thanks,” I said, “how long have you noticed this?” “About two weeks,” she said.
Which is exactly how long it had been since the reading and since I decided my workplace had no hold on me any more.
— Clara
The experience was enlightening. I felt a deeper sense of awareness and connection with my spirit. There were details about me that were personal and private and it seemed like Rebekah was having a conversation with my soul. I felt honored to participate and grateful to receive the information she imparted. I have recommended this to several friends because I think they will find it valuable. I would do this again, no question.
— Heather Murphy

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