Because I have worked with other astrologers, I knew what to expect. But Rebekah just blew my mind. She was able to help me with a couple key components I’d not been able to see before. She gave me beautiful insights on how to help release an ancestral bondage. 
— Marcy Sullivan
Since working with Rebekah, I have been able to own and care for my intuitive gifts. The session took place right before I started grad school for social work, and I really feel like she helped me to clarify things that I needed to know in order to do my best in school. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to work with Rebekah and will definitely be getting another session with her in the future! She is intuitive, grounded, and wise and I gained so much.
— Brandy Walker
Seeing a shift in me, several friends asked me what made the difference, and I sent them to Rebekah. This was my first psychic/aura reading and healing of any kind. If you’re considering working with Rebekah, I highly recommend it.
— Clara
The experience was enlightening. I felt a deeper sense of awareness and connection with my spirit. There were details about me that were personal and private and it seemed like Rebekah was having a conversation with my soul. I felt honored to participate and grateful to receive the information she imparted. I have recommended this to several friends because I think they will find it valuable. I would do this again, no question.
— Heather Murphy