I offer astrology, psychic readings and healings, and spiritual direction and mentoring.


Psychic Reading

Using tarot and clairvoyant techniques, I find and work to clear old blocked energy that is preventing you from living in alignment with your higher power/Source. This may include mental programming, cords and attachments to other people, and ancestral and past life issues. You may receive affirmations about what is working, your soul's path and purpose, the gifts you have to offer the world, and future directions. These sessions are done via Zoom. A recording can be made upon request.

Focused Reading, 30 min, $50 In-Depth Reading, 60 min $100 Full Aura Reading and Healing, 90 min, $150


 Astrological Reading

 A first reading will focus on the overall karma and life purpose of the natal chart, with some time given to upcoming transits and timing periods. Subsequent readings may focus more on the year ahead or special topics. While I can speak to the topic of love and relationships in your chart, I do not offer synastry (relationship compatibility) at this time. These sessions are done via Zoom, with a copy of your natal chart sent to you. A recording can be made upon request.

60-75 minutes $100


Spiritual Direction and Mentoring 

Spiritual direction is an ancient art of "holding space" for someone as they deepen their connection to their own spirit in relation to the divine. This is for someone who is looking to understand their own spirituality, create spiritual practices and rhythms, and ground into their intuition and connection to God, the Universe, Source, or Spirit. Through deep listening, storytelling, art, writing, and guided visualization, I will work with you as you learn to listen to and trust your own inner voice, receive divine guidance, and work through what is standing between you and the life that is calling you forward. These sessions are offered on an ongoing biweekly to monthly basis with a sliding scale fee. I offer a free 20 minute discernment call to determine whether we are a good fit for one another. The discernment call is done via phone or Zoom, the sessions are done in person or via Zoom and are not recorded.

60 min session, $50-125 sliding scale